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I am so glad you’ve found my little corner of the internet. There is a reason you are here, whether that is managing to misspell something and getting my name instead (please tell me if this happens), or because I can provide something you need. Whether it’s a article that speaks to you, or a program that transforms your life, I am grateful to be a part of your journey.

Throughout my website and through my services (coming back soon!), you can learn about the true depth of archetypes and how these portals into the soul reveal themselves in images and life experiences. Through this awareness, you will learn how to live a fulfilling life of ease and creativity.

Archetypes also help you discover and access deeper layers of creativity that you can use to fuel your artistic expression, spirituality, and life in deeply meaningful ways.

Grab a tasty warm beverage, activate more ease, and unlock your creativity!

Want to have a little fun? Pick a card!

Use the card as a guide for working with that archetypal energy today, for a specific project, for a creative practice, or to work through a challenging circumstance.

I did a Free Your Voice session with Marieke Schwartz, and it was fun and helpful. I want to rock karaoke, so [Marieke] helped me ground my breathing in the root chakra and use the solar plexus chakra to strengthen not only my singing voice but my speaking voice. She also talked with me about how I could sing from my heart and pulled an angel card for me at the end. I love how unique this session is.

N – Free Your Voice

Wow! After the session with Marieke my voice really opened up.

Marieke is very knowledgeable in regards to the voice and vocal work. Her reiki healing at the beginning of the session is really nurturing, exactly what I required after recovering. Highly recommend!

Annie – Free Your Voice