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I am so glad you’ve found my little corner of the internet. I am transitioning to a new site, but you can view my art and blog posts and explore to your heart’s content.

Want to have a little fun? Pick a card!

Use the card as a guide for working with that archetypal energy today, for a specific project, for a creative practice, or to work through a challenging circumstance.

Marieke’s session was so helpful for me! My goal was to strengthen my voice on an energetic level, and because of her session and energy work, I am now freeing my voice by hosting my own podcast! I needed confidence to use my voice to its fullest, and I got that from Marieke’s session.

Yolanda – Free Your Voice

Marieke was amazing! She communicated exactly what I needed to hear to help me be more aligned. I felt guided, supported, cared for and given the most┬ádirect answers to my questions. I recommend Marieke’s services and I’m so grateful to have someone so gifted help uplift me.

Wendy – Akashic Records