ABC Ease: Activate Brave Creativity, Embody Archetypes in your Self

This is what I want for you
and what I believe is possible:  

Ease, Passion, Creativity, Healing, Being, Brave, Freedom, Becoming

You are a creative soul. You’ve had some great accomplishments, but there’s something stirring in your soul that wants to be birthed. Dreams lie under the surface, wanting to see the light. Maybe you feel too busy, or like that dream is too different from what you are already doing. Maybe it’s a dream that lived, died, and wants to sprout again.

Perhaps you’re already living your dream, but you know there’s deeper layers to access and more freedom to embody.

You want MORE. You KNOW there’s more.

ABC EASe is a 3-month comprehensive group program about getting deeper, expanding your comfort zone, and having creative FUN while you do it!

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My Story

The Marieke from 10 years ago would probably fall over in shock if they saw the Marieke of today. Due to the way I was raised, I aligned my sense of identity with society’s norms. But there was always a part of me that rebelled against that programming. That part of me was my authentic self, the part of me I hid and ignored. I didn’t have the words to describe all of my experiences of myself, so those authentic parts of myself hid in the shadows of my soul.

While part of that was my queer, non-gendered being, another part of that was closely tied to my creativity and my sense of personal power and sovereignty.

Enter the trickster, shapeshifter.

We Must Be Stars 3 ~ Digital Art ~ Marieke Cahill 2021
Part 3 of 3 in a series of self-portraits exploring gender and the shapeshifter/trickster archetype.

Before I even knew how to describe this archetypal image (a representation of a common human experience) that exists in mythology, folk tales, and spiritual pantheons around the world, it was at work in my life. The more I embodied my authentic self, the more I caused people close to me to get out of their comfort zones. Not through any intention on my part, but rather because my essence and the way I moved challenged them and their preconceived ideas and their societal programming.

When I learned more deeply about the trickster and/or shapeshifter archetype, I saw myself in it. I saw how I could harness the energy of this image of the human experience and use it intentionally to fuel my desires and passion, explore the parts of myself I was avoiding, and take more conscious action towards my goals. I connected particularly to the Greek trickster god, Hermes, and the shapeshifter and outsider elements of the Norse trickster god, Loki.

Ode to Hermes ~ Marieke Cahill 2021
Digital art depicting symbols related to Hermes and his Roman counterpart, Mars.

Hermes is not only a trickster, but also a god of quick action and fortune, creativity, and playful mischief. Much of his trouble-making is “good trouble” that may cause a ruckus but doesn’t actually harm people. Hermes also fathered Hermaphroditus (embodying some nonbinary energy). In Loki’s shapeshifting, he transgressed gender role boundaries, such as appearing as a mare and giving birth to the eight-legged horse, Sleipnir. His story is also one of being an outsider. I found myself looking at his story and seeing where I could end up if I went down a path of seeking others’ approval instead of embracing my differences and unique way of looking at the world.

On the other hand, I’ve earned the nickname Hestia, the greek goddess of the hearth and community, because some of my graduate school classmates find my energy calming and centering. In Ancient Greek culture, homes were built around a central fire, or hearth, where cooking would occur and heat for the home was sourced, but also where the family and community spent time together. The larger community also had a communal Hestia for the community to gather. I have always felt connected to domestic arts and community care is important to me, so this archetypal energy of centrality, home, and hearth, while quite different from the trickster natures of Hermes and Loki, is another part of my being.

These are just *some* of the archetypes I could name that I see or have seen present in my life. The thing that has made the biggest difference in living a fulfilling life and one where ease comes naturally, is learning to identify and ally myself with the archetypes showing up in my life or that I need to embody in order to reach my goals. And these are ENDLESS and not limited to mythological deities. Trees, wind, fire, hummingbirds, breath, voice, moon, nature, water, portal, chaos, void, mess, birth, parent…all of these are archetypal images that are allies.

Digital Art and Watercolor by Marieke Cahill 2021
Clockwise from top left: “Sun and Moon”, “Portal”, “Firebird”, “Hilma AF”, “Celestial Venus”

The Nitty Gritty

Starts January 31, 2022
or 3 payments of $1,665

Starts Monday, January 31st
Cost $4,997 (or 3 payments of $1,665)


Supportive group of fellow creators
I created a group format because it is in relationship to others that we learn so much more! However, this is flexible and you can participate in the ways that work for YOU.

Supportive space for LGBTQ+ and People of Color
The group space will fiercely protect people of marginalized identities and any conflict will be addressed communally through the lens of restorative and transformative justice.

In-depth curriculum
You will be guided through the program modules with accessible, in-depth, but not overly-complicated workbooks that provide the information and exercises to activate your brave creativity and lead you to a place of ease. These are resources you can return to again and again.

Weekly creative play time
I said there would be fun! This will be a time to come together as a community and get creative with no judgment and encouraging support. Come as you are and work on a creative exercise with the group, work on your own projects while listening in, or work on artistic responses to the curriculum prompts. Kids and pets in the background are A-OK!

Weekly group coaching or Akashic record sessions
Each week we will trade off between practical coaching focused on the module material and Akashic Record intuitive sessions focused on the spiritual journey inherent to this course. Coaching sessions will be recorded. Only Akashic record questions submitted by people unable to attend live will be recorded and sent privately.

Supportive Suggested Reading List
In addition to the program materials and references, you will also be provided with a Suggested Reading List of books that support what you will be learning so you can dig deeper into topics that capture your interest.

Audio guides
These are provided to support your work through the program, especially when interacting with the imagination.

Pop up sessions or videos
This program is all about EASE, which means SUPPORT. If it becomes clear that in-depth responses or an additional session is what the cohort needs, I am THERE!

High level of support
Like I said, EASE MEANS SUPPORT! I will be active in the group regularly responding to questions and activity responses. If someone needs some spot 1:1 guidance, I will be available through office hours, private messaging, and other options as needed.

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